Introducing nGage: the nCent Labs Worldwide Campus Founder’s Program

KK Jain
3 min readJul 18, 2018


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Here at nCent Labs we spend a great deal of time thinking about how to unlock collective talent and appropriately attribute value within communities. These are the building blocks of efficient incentive markets.

Why We Need nGage Campus Founders

The field of incentive design is both broad and interdisciplinary, touching Economics, Sociology, Computer Science and even Biology. However, applications of incentive design to blockchain is an emergent field of thought inquiry. Making enough progress to support market growth will require a whole new generation of independent thinkers. These are mainly long term issues and questions. Our “meta” solution is nGage!

We are currently laser focused on growing a founder network on college campuses. The goals for this project are:

  • To promote an entrepreneurial “founder” driven view of technical development of blockchains in general and incentive markets on blockchains in particular
  • To build an nCent Global Campus network that will facilitate connections and knowledge transfer between students across the globe, and connect mentors with practitioners implementing incentive compatible designs in the market
  • To expand the pipeline of talent to be more inclusive of diverse backgrounds and interdisciplinary viewpoints in guiding the development of the blockchain community

How Does nGage Work?

  1. Apply to be a Founder here. We will get back to you with an invitation. There are special prizes for referring your friends to apply!
  2. Recruit your friends to join your chapter. This requires you and a co-founder and 10 total members. Everyone in the group will be able to recruit new members with a unique link from our campus nGage page. The only requirement for validated members at this time is that they should submit their email on the Campus Founder page, and follow the nCent Nation telegram group (
  3. Receive Swag and nCent Global Campus Resources! Post a photo of your first meeting and we will send you a box of swag. We will also cover the cost of pizza and soda for your meeting (restrictions may apply). You will also be connected with our nCent Worldwide Campus Founders Network. This will have special offers and deals on many products and services, educational and curriculum content, special dev seminars and classes, early access to pre-release tools, opportunities to be a hub for grants and other airdrops on campus, and potentially tickets to nCent sponsored meetups and events across the Globe. We also have travel grants available to help select students to attend our annual conference,
whiteboarding in progress (on blackboard)

Why are We So Excited About nGage?

  • We are fired up to get student attention about the power of incentive markets and nCent- we know there is an entrepreneurial hunger out there and we are eager to what the community will build with our tools and platform
  • Even if there is no short term economic payoff, we think getting smart college kids involved with our platform will be mutually beneficial. This is our way of “paying it forward” and we could see a world where that positive karma results in numerous internships, startups and other opportunities for these talented students down the road
  • We want to have numerous “use cases” ready to go when our main net launches. (Some of our current use cases include employee referral programs, volunteering projects, online auctions, and even dating apps). We cannot possibly do it all alone. The fervor and community spirit of young people in College is unmatched and unstoppable — we want to be inspired by YOU!

Learn more by emailing me directly at or visiting To stay in the nCent loop, hear me tweet and join our international telegram channel.

PS the .edu/student email address that refers the most people to sign up on our website will get extra swag (we are currently weighing sunglasses, water bottles, or notebooks, but if the referral count is >50 will likely be all 3!)